Tuesday, September 23, 2008

stupid sunny weather

I am writing a lot, a couple of stories, and some poems. It is helping me get through this. My students are writing form poems this week, so I decided to write a loss sonnet. Here it is, fresh from being written this morning...

Changeless Days

Since it happened, only days of bright sun
warm air, squint eyes to the sky of high blue.
I measure the hours towards sleep, one two, one two.
Stay close to my house, avoid everyone.
When I allow myself, I wish it were undone,
I want life as it was before, happiness true.
Those flowers glowing on my fence rail glue
this season in my mind, our hopes undone.

It happened on a day we planned to celebrate
and though I held my body tight,
hot then cold, there was nothing I could do.
I prayed those longs hours until dawn, awake.
Now I fear the scene-filled night
where each dream replays us losing, dear child, you.


  1. Brutally beautiful, I'm moved. Thank you for sharing, Poppy.

  2. I am so sorry Poppy. I want only for you to feel that happiness once again.

  3. really touching! I guess writing really helps to deal with the pain. I am so sorry that you are grieving this huge loss.
    Thank you for visiting my journal as well. I'll keep following your story and I truly hope it has a happy ending sometime soon.

  4. yeah, what Martha said. brutally beautiful.

    happy to know you're writing. love you.

  5. So beautiful and honest. And so well written -- it just creates this clear picture of what you have told us over the past weeks.

  6. It's absolutely beautiful. You brought me to tears.

  7. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Thinking about you during these difficult days...