Thursday, August 7, 2008

Saying What I Want

I am working from home this summer, teaching my first ever online college course. I like it more than I expected to. And, normally I teach an intensive summer poetry class to 1st & 2nd graders in the summer. That job is 45 minutes away, and fun, rewarding & exhausting. So, though I miss aspects of that job, I have enjoyed my daily commute from upstairs to the dining room.

One side benefit of working from home is that I am very in touch with the weather. We have a bungalow that is shaded by old trees, so even though we are near DC, we rarely turn on the a/c. I did turn it on last week, and an hour later saw our tall grass(some exotic thing-1oft tall) waving in a breeze, and felt very odd, to not feel the breeze myself.

Yes, I am a bit of a hippy sometimes. I like being connected to the outdoors. Even while on my wireless internet computer.

Today I was wishing we'd get some rain. Things are starting to look dusty, dry, sad. An hour after writing the words "it needs to rain" on my non-IF blog, it started to rumble outside. Within 10 minutes we had intense, horizontal rain, a huge rattle of hail, and heavy rain. I just read that it was 64mph wind! There are large branches down all over the neighborhood and the rain blew so many leaves that the back of our house looks like someone wallpapered it with leaves.

So, in honor of my odd coincidence I will write my next wish/need:
I want to get pregnant this month.

And, to calm the strange gods that sometimes give us what we wish for, but not how we want it...
I want to get pregnant this month, have a healthy pregnancy and then deliver a healthy baby(or two).

Hopefully that is clear enough.


  1. Your very specific wish made me laugh. I hope it comes true! I have been trying to do that lately too when I pray. Making sure all of the details are squeezed in there so there isn't any confusion.

  2. Sounds like a great plan to me, adding my wishes for you to get pregnant too.

  3. ja ja ja - it is best to be specific!!! i'm wishing for the same and sending you lots and lots of love. -cp

  4. y e s ! when i act like a tourist this week i will visit one of those places to toss a coin and make the same wish.

  5. Hahaha...actually, when you posted that it had rained on the other blog, I almost posted that you should quick wish to get pregnant.

  6. I used to ask a Magic 8 Ball if I were going to get pregnant. The first time it was right, and I was happy. THe second time it was wrong, so I stopped the 8 Balls. Occasionally, though, I still make wishes and ask for "signs" something will happen. It's silly.

  7. How beautiful to wish for rain and there it comes, I hope your next wish comes true!

  8. I too make my pregnancy wishes/thoughts very specific, because I don't want the universe to have any confusion! Sometimes I go all the way into childhood, or beyond!

    I can't tell you how much I hope this wish comes true for you.

  9. Good luck on your FET!!! BTW, I live in Northern VA near DC and am having an FET in Sept. with Shady Grove. I hope we both get a BFP!!! Best Wishes.....