Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pretending it is a Normal Day

I made the mistake of pretending today(the day after egg retrieval) was a normal day. We went into the clinic, early, to get "randomized" for the progesterone study. I noticed I wasn't feeling 100%, so we took the elevator, and then, I felt all fluttery when going to get blood drawn.

Annoyed aside: The b/w tech put in the needle and said, "How are you doing?" and I said, "actually, this sort of hurts. It is uncomfortable."(usually it hurts for a second and then is fine) and she replied, "I am uncomfortable too." and did nothing. WTF?

After all that(I got randomized to do crinone, not the experimental ring) we went to have breakfast, which I ate half of. Then we shopped at the co-op and that is when I started to think, "Maybe pretending that all I need to do is walk slow isn't going to cut it."

Anyway, I came home and took a nap and then went to the pool and took it very very easy. No helping friend with their kids, no bringing of much food to share, etc. I did get treated to nice salads and even received a beautiful present of ramps(something I've been looking for everywhere.) It was nice to sit and be mellow. My friend's almost 3 yr old kept bringing me my water bottle. I wonder if he could tell I was under the weather?

OK, for those who want to know. The Fertilization Report:
Of our 14 eggs they did ICSI on 8 and 7 are growing. (yay)
They did natural fertilization on the other 6, and one is growing. (also Yay, but you can see why we haven't gotten pregnant in 2 1/2 yrs!)
So that makes it a grand total of 8 growing. (we were told anything over half is good)
I hope tomorrow to have good news. We were warned not to expect all 8 to make it.

I really appreciate all of the wonderful, positive comments. Thank you all!


  1. That is great news about the embryos! Not just eggs...they're embryos now!! Isn't that in itself kinda exciting?

    I am a bit confused about your gift of ramps. At first I'm thinking... for skateboarding?? Then I'm thinking, oh yeah, some sort of lettuce leaf... But wait, I think that's "rockets," not "ramps". Please explain!

    Take it easy, Poppy!

  2. 8!!!!! Esta bueno, no??????

    I'm rooting for you. And glad you decided to take it easy - you do so much for other people, and you deserve to take care of yourself right now.

  3. sarah- ramps are wild onions(sort of) and cannot be cultivated, so are HARD to find. They are yummy, grilled.
    It is exciting they are embryos!

  4. coya, 8 is very good! It is a strange numbers game, since they can decrease each day.

  5. That is such fantastic news Poppy!! Grow embies grow!!

  6. i was confused about the ramps, too. ;)

    fingers crossed and positive vibes being sent!!!

  7. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Wishing you the best of luck for this cycle and sending positive growing thoughts to your 8!