Saturday, May 10, 2008

prepping the soil

Because I have been helped so much by reading other people's infertility blogs I have decided to start my own. I am not new to blogging, but I felt it would be good to have a just IF blog.

I am a gardener, a teacher, a writer. I have been married for three years to a man I have been with for almost 8 years. During my adolescence and twenties I always thought that the biggest miracle in my life would be to find someone that I loved, continued to love and that person would love, continue to love, and accept me and all my idiosyncrasies and crap.

I was naive enough to be pretty blissed once we married. I thought the hard part(crappy parents, no money, finding love) was behind me. Recipe for a cosmic "don't think the road will be all smooth now, lady." wasn't it?

I have a story that is pretty common in the infertility world. We decided to start trying, and I was pretty darn convinced our first try would work. I knew enough to know about fertile windows, but not much more than that. That first period was devastating. I devoured a book called "taking charge of your fertility" and became a fertility know-it-all. That second period was a slap in my educated face. Five months later our Dr. agreed to testing, since I was coming up on 35.

I might go further into it later, but after countless tests and procedures(all so fun!) we discovered we are dealing with severe male factor infertility. Irony of ironies, it is inherited! Mr. Seed's father had trouble with counts as did his brother. We think Mr. Seed got the worst of it. We've been trying for almost 2 1/2 years and are on the verge of our first IVF cycle.


  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I look forward to reading more about your journey....and I wish all the best!!!!

  2. thanks spicy sister! it is nice to have a visitor!