Friday, May 30, 2008

our bubbly embryos

Yesterday, the embryology lab was out of printer paper(never mind the size of this place, they should have extra!) so they told us they wouldn't be able to show us a picture of our embryos. Now this may sound silly, but I was looking forward to seeing them! After some back and forth talk which ended with me saying, "Isn't there any other way you could show us what they look like?" the embryologist said, "We could try and email them." we relaxed.

But, her earlier words, "We get rid of the images after a day" stuck with me. With no sign of pictures in sight today, my first act of un-bedrest was to call my nurse, my RE(left a message) and explain the situation and ask them to PLEASE get us the pictures.

3 hours later, we got them. I asked Mr. S if I was being unreasonable, and he said I've been more than patient with other issues(nurse forgetting to tell me to drink a lot before ET, no blankets to keep me warm, waiting 30 minutes extra before ET(hello, my bladder was so uncomfortable it hurt to answer questions)).


Now that I have them I don't really know what they mean, but it was a battle I felt like fighting, so I fought it.

Bedrest was uneventful. I only let myself get up to pee, and the second time I did, I walked out to the porch, instead of the couch, and laid on our bench and had a lovely relaxing time. When I lie there I am pretty invisible, I watched birds flying and the light coming through trees. Mr. S went to a local farmer's market to get me my new favorite fruit(heirloom strawberries) and he came home with them, a big bunch of peonies, and 2 crepes for us. May is definitely a good month to be forced to sit still.


  1. For lack of better vocabulary - this photo is so cool. All of this is so incredible, I completely understand wanting to see it. I mean, when else do you get this opportunity?

    It was fun running into a happily determined Mr. S at the market, his arms full of pink petals and berries.

  2. yeah, what kan said... the picture is cool. thanks for the updates, everything sounds great!

  3. They look beautiful, what precious little bubbles of love and life! Good for you for getting your little ones first photo!

  4. thanks kan and neil. :)

    yes, he was very proud to bring home the goodies!

    Martha- do you have a blog? I was looking for one for you.

  5. Wow, Mr. S sounds like he's a great guy! Lucky lady... Heirloom strawberries, I wish! Your relaxation time on the bench sounded perfect!

    Good luck with your 2ww. I hope those embryos are nice & cozy in there!

  6. Those are the most gorgeous embryos I've ever seen! :)
    I think it's a fight worth fighting - seeing the embryos makes it more real, in my opinion.

    Good luck with the 2ww. I hope it's quick and painless!

  7. i think you had every right!!!!!!

  8. Hi, Poppy, thank you so much for asking, I am currently blogless, been crazybusy, plus I am way too boring to blog! You can always contact me via email until then,
    Thinking of you and sending sticky babyvibes your way!

  9. Good for you for getting your photos. I'm just a few days into my 2WW too -- hopefully we'll both have good stuff to celebrate soon. Good luck

  10. What a couple of beauties you have there. I hope they're snuggling in nice and tight right now!